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Report Writing
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The introduction presents:

key-bullet the background to the issue (i.e. why was the report commissioned),

key-bullet the objective or purpose of the report

key-bullet a definition of the research problem/topic

key-bullet a definition of the reportís terms of reference (the what, where, and when of the research problem/ topic)

key-bullet an outline of the reportís structure

key-bullet an overview of the reportís sections and their relationship to the research problem

key-bullet an outline and justification of the scope of the report (the boundaries the report is working within)

key-bullet a description of the range of sources used (i.e. personal investigation, interviews, statistics and questionnaires)

key-bullet acknowledgment of any valuable assistance received in the preparation of the report

While there will be some duplication in the contents of the executive summary and the introduction, the purpose of the executive summary is to provide a summary of the findings of each section of the report. The purpose of the introduction, however, is to outline what the report will cover and how these issues address the research problem.


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