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Report Writing
The Function of Technical Reports

In industry, technical reports are used to communicate technical information. This information assists in decision making: for example, in the purchase of equipment, or finding solutions to technical problems. An important consideration when preparing technical reports is the audience and purpose of the report: for example, to brief managers, to provide technical background information for lay people associated with the project, or to make recommendations to technical supervisors. These factors determine the degree of technicality of the language and concepts involved.

At university, technical report writing is a frequently used assignment format in faculties of engineering and in the applied sciences. This is because the assignment tasks require students to draw theory and real world situations together, and to present the information in a structured and accessible format; for example, engineering students may be asked to solve a design problem or investigate and evaluate the solutions to an environmental problem while Information Technology students might be asked to develop a program or an information management plan for a specific issue or company or to evaluate recent developments in the telecommunications industry. Learning how to report on technical information to others is an important component of technical studies.

Your assignment question will most probably guide you as to the type of information that should be included in your report and the steps you should follow.

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