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Report Writing
The Structure of Scientific Report


The title of your report should be concise and informative. It should not be vague and general but should encapsulate the essence of the research.

For example:

key-bullet Haemolysis of red blood cells in response to salt concentration

key-bullet The limits of selective attention in tachistospcoic recognition

key-bullet Social and economic consequences of homelessness for women in Sydney, Australia (1998-2001)

key-bullet The progress of arthritis in the retained compartments after medial unicompartmental knee replacement

key-bullet Memory for explicit and implicit information in picture stories

key-bullet Antibiotic resistance of various Escherichia coli strains

A title like the one below is inappropriate because it is uninformative about the research contained in the report:

An investigation of a physical stimuli

A title like the one below is slightly more informative

An investigation of memory for sentences

but could be improved by increasing the specificity of the information it contains; for example,

Sentence memory: A constructive versus interpretive approach

Your title should be no longer than 15 words (O'Shea, 1996). The title is generally given on a separate page together with your name, course and instructor details.


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