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An excerpt from a popular biology journal

Read the following text excerpt. Select the questions from the choice available that you as a critical reader would ask of the text?

In a recent study of Australian trout, biologists found that the trout quickly learnt to distinguish between coloured containers to recognise which colour container held food. Biologists are hopeful that they can use this information to develop control programs for the European carp which are currently causing such devastation in Australian waterways. Are the claims the author makes about his or her own research internally consistent?
Does the writer use unfair persuasion tactics such as appeals to prejudice or fear?
Are any assumptions the writer has made clear to the reader?
Are the points made by the author supported by evidence?
How would you characterise the writer's tone? How does the tone affect your response to the text?
Are the limitations of the procedures clear?
Does the writer make unsupported generalisations?
Is the methodology valid? (e.g. size of the sample, method of sampling used)



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