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Efficient reading of journal articles: making connections between the parts

Excerpt from an education journal article DISCUSSION section

The project focussed on using writing checklists with English for Further Study students. The results suggest that teachers and students can benefit from extending the DSP teaching/learning cycle to include writing checklists. However, the checklists need to be written in a way which is accessible to students. That is, the students and teacher must share a classroom language to talk about language, and this should be the language of the writing checklists.

Excerpt from Woodward-Kron, R. (1994) The role of writing checklists in the teaching-learning cycle: Developing English for further study students as writers and text analyists. M.A. (TESOL) thesis. University of Technology, Sydney.

Given the conclusion reached in the discussion of this research article, what methodology of this study would have been outlined in the METHOD section?


The method used to compare using writing checklists and not using writing checklists in the DSP teaching and learning cycle.

The procedure used to analyse 'classroom language to talk about language'.

Criteria defining English for Further Study students.

All of the above.


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