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Before you start this section on note-taking, read through the following questions and tick the appropriate boxes:

Yes     No
Do you understand why effective note-taking is one of the most important steps in research?    
Do you know there are different types of notes you take for different purposes?    
Do you have a clear understanding of the note-taking process?    
Does your note-taking strategy keep you focussed on answering the question?    
Does your note-taking strategy allow you to organise the notes thematically, corresponding to those issues you have identified as significant?    
Does your note-taking strategy ensure that your notes do not contain pages of irrelevant material?    
Does your method of note-taking allow easy retrieval of all bibliographic details as well as allowing you to cross-reference one source with another during the note-taking process?    
Do you know
  1. the difference between
  2. how to use
  3. when to use
direct and indirect quotations?

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Direct and Indirect Quotes Example Recommended Strategies Introduction