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The colours show the progression of ideas in the paragraph.

The logical progression of ideas through the paragraph is easy to trace because common information creates links from one sentence to the following sentence or sentences.
In addition, all the information on one point is grouped together. So the two sentences referring to culture as a 'way of life' logically belong together.

The information provided in the paragraph progresses logically. Material and non material culture are introduced in reference to the previous point about 'way of life'. The next sentence in the paragraph then goes on to explain these concepts.
It is necessary to clarify what is meant in this essay by the concept of 'culture'. It can be thought of as the whole 'way of life' of a society (Spradley, 1972). A 'way of life' includes two important aspects - material culture and non material culture. Material culture is composed of all the physical objects that humans create, while non material culture includes all the abstract human creations such as language, ideas, beliefs, rules and customs (Robertson, 1987).


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