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Logical flow within paragraphs

Logical flow should also occur within each PARAGRAPH. This means the move from one sentence to another should be logical. The order in which information should be presented needs to keep the reader centred on the focus of the paragraph, developing points upon this topic in a logically sequenced way. In other words, the text should flow smoothly as the focus of the whole text is made obvious and maintained.

Look at the smooth movement of information in this paragraph. New information in a sentence (info presented towards the end of the sentence) is used as the given information in the following sentence.


The writer has used the info given in the first sentence as given in the second sentence and the third sentence.

The author has then used the new information in the third sentence as the given information in the fourth, fifth and sixth sentence.
A survey was conducted to find any competitive products on the Australian market that were similar to all the proposed designs. Surveys were conducted at hardware stores, bathroom fixture stores, and pharmacies. These provided information about five competitive products, none of which could possibly result in patent breaches. Three of these competitive products enable disease, or age-affected people to operate indoor house taps, hence these products do not solve the design problem. The fourth product does aim to solve the design problem, but it does so from a different angle. The fifth competitive product also aims to provide ease of operation, is similar to design C, but is intended for indoor use.


This example shows that one way to achieve logical flow within a paragraph is to link each sentence to sentences before and after it (by including common information). This sort of sequencing creates clear text that is very easy for readers to follow.


Door Another example of Logical flow within paragraphs




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