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Effective Writing
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Logical flow between paragraphs

Sentences or phrases at the beginning or end of paragraphs act as TRANSITIONS to connect one paragraph to the next. Often the final sentence of a paragraph will create a link or transition into the next paragraph. The creation of links between paragraphs means that the flow of information across the whole text is smoother.

Look at the example below:

Concluding the issue discussed in the paragraph

Transition statement leading into next paragraph

Repetition of key words in this paragraph continues the transition between paragraphs.

What is required is an inclusive agenda for public discussion upon technological futures, and open debates about the costs, and benefits of technological change. If the public is to be interested in such issues then the concept of public interest requires more than lip service. The slippery redefinition of the public interest which states that what is good for the market is good for us all could prove, in the long run, to mark the end of Australia as a democratic information society.

A democracy needs to be informed, and to have a right to information. It also requires extensive public debate and widespread participation in decision-making. These are policies that should overarch narrow definitions of politics.......

Look at another example

The company completely upgraded their computer systems...
(This paragraph goes on to detail these changes) ...

As a consequence of this upgrading, the efficiency...
(This paragraph goes on to detail these consequences)...

As you can see from both of these examples, drawing out the common themes of the information being presented or highlighting the logical sequence of the information helps to create a logical flow of information across the whole text



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