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Effective Writing
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Here is another example of a clear and logically structured piece of text, this time using a report format.

Three factors contribute to the logical structure of this text.

Select each feature for more information.


2-1 Design solutions
This design team generated 3 possible solutions to the tap design problem. Two of these designs (Design A and B) are of the add-on tool design, comprising identical attachment mechanisms, with different handle designs. The third design (Design C) incorporates a redesign of the tap operating mechanism. All three designs are potential solutions for the design problem, although they each offer quite different solutions.

2. 1.1 Design A:
This design is of the extension type, a larger, extended handle that solves the design problem by providing the user with a larger turning moment..........

2.1.2 Design B:
This design is a slight modification of design A. It solves the design problem with a handle that has been modified to specifically suit taps.....

2.1.3 Design C:
Design C incorporates a redesign of the spindle operating mechanism of the outdoor tap. The design problem is solved by replacing the turning action of the conventional tap with a new system........


Achieving logical structure also depends on the use of legitimate paragraphs and clear topic sentences.

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