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Final Exercise

Exercise: Refer to what the evidence suggests

In order to avoid using personal language, DO NOT refer to what you think; refer instead to what the evidence suggests.

This paragraph refers to what the author thinks or feels.

1. From my reading of the case study, I think the manager felt threatened by the staff's complaints. Rather than seeing this conflict as an opportunity to learn about the needs of his staff, 2. as my understanding of relational management theory suggests, the manager dismissed the complaints completely. 3. I feel Percival's (1988) suggestion that this type of treatment builds hostility and staff dissatisfaction is valid. 4. My essay will show that the situation could have been better resolved if the manager had considered the following issues: ...

Reword the passage so that it refers instead to what the evidence suggests. Pull down the menus provided and select a more appropriate word or phrase. There may be several correct alternatives.







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