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Academic Writing
Exercise: Formal or Informal

Formal or Informal1

Having assessed the degree of formality of the different texts, now select the language features you feel are responsible for the formality or informality of the text from the choices available.

Text D Complete the question (There may be several correct answers.)
It's a real shame that something as simple as a diet was not taken account of by nurses, thus causing unnecessary pain to the patient. It probably caused even more pain to the patient's family and friends having to see their loved one die like that. How would we feel if we saw our own relative go through that experience?
use of formal words
use of informal & colloquial words
use of technical & specialist words
use of personal language
use of emotive language
use of impersonal language
use of nominalisations
use of extended noun phrases
text directly addresses the reader

1 This exercise has been adapted in part from material developed for A text based guide to academic writing, CD-ROM, Department of Modern Languages, University of Wollongong, 2000.



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